Marriage proposal fortune cookie
Custom fortune cookies for proposing marriage.. a great idea! Here's how to do it.
How to make a marriage proposal fortune cookie.. How to put your own message inside the fortune cookie!

Also.. how to put an engagement ring in a fortune cookie...
Yes you can put a diamond ring inside a fortune cookie!

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A lot of customers call us and ask if they can order just 1 or 2 custom fortune cookies with a marriage proposal inside...
No need to order, you can make them!

Here's the secret:

1) Buy some regular vanilla fortune cookies from your local grocery store or Chinese market.

2) Take a few cookies out of their cello wrap.

3) Prepare your messages by printing them out on a regular computer printer and cutting them into the small strips (about 1/2" X 2" at the largest)

4) Take a damp paper towel (not dripping, just damp) and wrap it around one of the fortune cookies so that it covers all around the cookie.

5) Microwave the wrapped cookie for about 15-40 seconds (time will vary, depending on microwave and dampness of the paper towel... experiment with it)

6) After microwaving, the cookie will become flexible again for about 20 seconds or so... So QUICKLY remove the cookie (watch out, it's hot!) and remove the paper towel, open it up, remove the message slip that's in there and insert one of the ones you've done and then close the cookie back up. You'll find that it folds back the way it was quite naturally. The cookie will get crisp again quite fast....   Walla! 1 marriage proposal fortune cookie, ready to go.

You might want to make a few, all with the same message. That way when you give it to the restaurant waiter to bring after dinner, you'll know she picks the right one.

Of course, you can also use this method for inserting a wedding engagement ring into a cookie. You'll have to figure out a way to make sure she picks the cookie with the ring in it after dinner.  

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