Welcome to Fortune Cookie Supply!

Customer Responsibilities

We are quite proud of our customer satisfaction track record. We are told again and again that we are the best (and lowest priced!) in this business. 

That being said...

It is very crucial that you, the customer, understand that our imprints are permanent. Wholesale customized products are not returnable or refundable once they have printed.  We guarantee we will imprint exactly what is on your proof, on the type of cookie you tell us. Once printed, correctly imprinted items must be paid for whether or not the customer accepts delivery. This is industry standard for customized products. For this reason it is imperative that you read your proof carefully.

Please understand that the burden is on the customer to make the proper decisions regarding item desired, imprint colors, shipping methods and destinations, deadlines, customs procedures, duty fees, etc. It is up to the customer to thoroughly communicate any special needs to us.

Customers in foreign countries are responsible for knowing their own duties and import fees. When shipping is free, there may still be duties, customs charges, import taxes, etc. that must be paid by the customer. Shipping charges are estimates, and can change due to a number of variables.

We will ship on the day we promise to, or before. Of course, we cannot be responsible for delays in trucking or UPS. Items become the customer's property as soon as they are released for pickup by customer or delivery service.  

Exact pms matches are not possible on cookie colors or the imprinted slips inside. There are variances in food coloring from batch to batch. Customers who want a specific color cookie or imprint should order a spec sample. Even spec samples may not exactly match the end batch.

To avoid problems, we strongly advise the following:

A) Do not phone orders in. Please fill out the order form on the website with all of your shipping information. You can also email or fax us.

B) Make adjustments to your order via email or fax. If you need to change the quantity, color, put it in writing. If it's important or urgent, send it in writing AND call to make sure the email has been duly noted.

C) Check your proof carefully. This is very important. When we send you a proof of your graphic, it is exactly as will be printed and so it's up to you to catch any mistakes or spelling errors. In some cases the graphic has had to be changed or converted to another format so errors (including spelling) are possible.

D) IMPORTANT! Give proper lead time. If you want something precise or done a certain way, it is up to you to order early enough so that we can send you printed proofs and/or a pre-production sample. On orders that are placed at the last minute, communication errors and other problems can occur. So if you've procrastinated, accept this possibility and understand that additional charges will apply on orders that must be rushed. 

Customers are charged only for what they are sent. Please review overrun and underrun information. Credit card chargebacks and returned checks will incur additional charges. Please note that orders over $2500 will incur a 2% cost for using credit card, so for these orders, payment by check is recommended to save you money.

We love our customers, and we jump through all kinds of hoops to get them the best product and to meet those intense deadlines. 99% of the time we are successful. NOBODY does it better than us. We've found that most orders where a customer has been unhappy with the final product occur when we've tried to rush things as a favor to a customer. Order early and communicate well.