Here is a funny quote from Ben Kingsley of Iron Man 3, as The Mandarin, claiming that "The factual tale about fortune cookies is that they appear to look like Chinese, they may sound like Chinese. But, nay! They are actually invented by Americans which is why they are hollow, full of deception and often leave an unpleasant taste on the mouth." . Lee Jennifer (2008) says it in another and simpler way: "Fortune cookies have been introduced by the Japanese, popularized by the Chinese, and ultimately… consumed by Americans". Great! What a revelation!

Traditionally, when somebody talks about a fortune cookie, they usually refer to a crisp cookie baked out of flour, sugar, vanilla, and sesame seed oil. They are showcased in special events or occasions. Normally, a 'fortune' is wrapped inside this crispy treat. The latter (the 'fortune') is just a small, customized piece of paper containing words or a short message sometimes with vague prophecy. The message inside may also contain not only messages but also individual numbers, claimed by some to be lucky numbers.

To the surprise of many, customized fortune cookies create fun as a lottery drawing. In fact, there were occasions when these individuals who believed in luck became lottery winners using the numbers they got from the actual numbers found in fortune cookies. Amazing!

Fortune cookies can also be utilized as effective marketing tools to drive traffic to your website. For example, a number of corporate houses acknowledge the power of fortune cookies bearing powerful messages that can reach and be stretched out to a significant number of people globally and who can become prospective clients.

Fortune cookies are also used in fundraising events. They have been known to propel the interest of participants towards a cause or objective. In this way, providing a prize-winning cookie hidden in the bunch of a giant center piece on a table will raise curiosity and interest among participants joining to pick the grand prize. What's more is that each hanging fortune cookie to be picked contains clever messages that entertain your guests. One winning message will lead one participant to the grand prize. Fortune cookie messages also provide certain customized information that will draw and drive people to the website, in order to find out who got the prestigious prize. Eventually, this created scenario of raising participants' curiosity and interest will make your website as one of the most sought and visited URL, thus, dramatically boosting traffic to your business.

Furthermore, custom Fortune Cookies get their way into trade shows as giveaways. Now, isn't it that a lot of people enjoy going to trade shows in order to benefit from these trade-shows' giveaways? Aside from curiosity, a lot of people like free treats when thy stop by a booth. And if you start using your cookies to provide certain information related to services and products that would catch their interests, or offer specified conduits to other business opportunities where they can link, or probably provide a hanging statement that needs them to go to your site to find out the ending of that statement or just simply validate what it claims to be or have. Aren't these smart ideas that will help develop your market? This may include any sensitive, controversial information that were given to participants to rouse their intelligent inquisitiveness, and serve as a special feature of the fortune cookie, in order to incite them to visit the site. That being said, all these features will inevitably and eventually increase traffic to your site.