Fundraising is not always an easy task. There are so many good causes out there that it can be really hard to get yours into the public eye. You want to come up with an idea that’s different from the rest. If you are facing the challenge of coming up with this year’s big fundraising event, why not include fortune cookies in the plan. They are fun, easy to use, and they even taste good. What could be better than that? To help get your ideas flowing, here’s a simple way to use them.

Have the fortune cookies prepared with slips of paper inside which have been printed with a fun message or fortune, a number and a link to your website. Have them wrapped in colorful cellophane (try using one that matches the colors in your organizations logo or awareness ribbon) and put in a large basket or other container. When the guests arrive, they each get to choose their cookie. At the end of the meal or event, ask them to open their cookies and let them know that some of the numbers are winning numbers, and if they log on to your group’s website, they will find out if they are a winner. This can increase your websites traffic and give people more information about your cause.

If you want to go all out, you can even design your whole fundraising campaign around fortune cookies. Your campaign’s slogan could be something like “ improving the fortunes of people with ( whatever your cause is)”, and you can design a fortune cookie graphic and include it on all your fundraising materials and other items such as T-shirts, mugs, water bottles etc. You can give these small items away as prizes or thank you gifts for your staff, volunteers and supporters.

If you really want to attract people attention, have one really big prize that you’ll give away. Each person who participates in any of your fundraising activities gets a cookie and a chance to win. Let them know that throughout the year, contest updates will be posted on your website, as this will help to bring in a steady flow of traffic. On your site, include details of how your group is using the funds they have raised and other information. This will help make people feel really good about lending their support. You can also sell the cookies online so people can increase their chances of winning. At the end of the year, amid a lot of hype and fanfare, you announce the winning number. It’s a promotion that is easy to set up and administer, and it’s really engaging to the public. Since it’s a real human interest story, you may even be able to get the local media involved, which can really help to spread the word about your organization.

Standing apart form the crowd is vital part of making any fundraising campaign a success. Using fortune cookies is a unique and fun way of not only raising money but also raising public awareness. Why not try including them in this year’s plans.