Creativity seems to have lost its way so much that people associate fundraising events with little or no fun at all. Gone are the days when people would follow a specific routine and schedule during such an event. Pulling out a creative stunt is important as it will definitely attract more people as well as make the whole fund raising idea seem fun. Fortune cookies have been in use for quite a long time and they might be just what you need to get people to your event as well as drive traffic to your website.

3 steps on how to the fortune cookie idea can work for you

1. As a prize bearer
Fundraisers usually feature a prize giving session to express appreciation to the participants. Having people come together to give towards a worthy cause is pretty amazing and should be rewarded. Giving away prizes is also another fund raising strategy whereby people use money to buy raffle tickets, hence absently contributing towards the cause. Your fortune cookie creativity comes in handy right here whereby the old fashioned raffle tickets are replaced with the yummy cookies. This is fun and exciting as the participants get to enjoy the delicacy as well as check whether they have won a prize. Cookies are also a great idea as they encourage the participants to buy more in order to raise their chances. This is a perfect way to keep your guests entertained and nourished all at the same time.

2. Entertainment
It is always fun to check through what you've won during such an event. A fortune cookie will keep your participants entertained throughout the entire event. The joy of finding out what they've won after munching away the cookie is fun. They are all bound to find themselves buying more cookies until they find a satisfactory prize. This way, everybody is happy at the end of the fun filled day.

3. Drive Traffic To Your Website
It is a great idea to include a twist in the normal functioning of fundraising events in order to prevent monotony. People come with a list of expectations on the day's program, which can be quite boring. You already have come too far with the fortune cookie idea to suddenly stop. By this time, everyone is having a great time and are at the edge of their seats for more fun and surprises. A twist is usually placed at the end of the gig in order to leave the participants excited and for the whole event to linger on for a bit more. At this point, the participants are all eager to find out what they've won. Have them all crack open their fortune cookies at the same time to find a message that sends them to your website to find out who has won the grand prize. This perfect twist will prolong their excitement as they rush to your website for more details. This not only keeps the crowd entertained but also drives traffic to your website.

People like to have fun and surprises are the icing to the cake. With such a creative and unique idea, your will hardly go wrong. This brings about success in your quest as well as keeping the participants entertained.