Have you tried picking a lucky phrase with fortune cookie? How does it drive your all-day activities? These are just few things that most people ought to know about cookies. As a matter of fact, it is not just about how these phrases can help you on your endeavor. Most associations, groups, or organizations are using this method as form of fundraising.

Do you think this activity can help you put up a good event for your organization? Yes it can, as long as nobody will be aspirated after munching these cookies with fortune-telling phrases. So, how can these activities will be considered as a good fundraising event?

Using Fortune Cookies to Increase Your Website Traffic

In order for you to surprise people during your event, you should try associating this activity. Below are the effective ideas that you can use for this activity:

1. Customize the cookies with funny thoughts.

Everyone wants to have a blast event right? Make an interactive activity by offering fortune cookie to every guest, who comes in the event. Putting some funny thoughts will boost their mood, which may cause them to end the party with a freaking smile. Just be cautious with the funny thoughts. Going overboard may result with you dealing with a handful of fists coming into your face.

2. Add some spice on the cookies by putting jackpot prizes.

Adding spice does not literally mean that you should add spicy ingredients. These will just blow your visitor’s taste buds. It simply tells you to take a moment, grab that microphone or whatever stuff that makes your voice louder, and inform everyone about your surprise event. This can catch your visitor’s attention.However, make sure to tell them that one person is allowed only one cookie. Otherwise, they will drag you out for cookies and you might end up injuring yourself.

3. Direct them to your website

If the goal of your event is to drive more traffic into your website, then there is a better and effective choice that can help you out. Instead of declaring the name of the person, who won the fortune cookie lottery event in person, you tell them to check out your website for the announcements. This will encourage them to visit your site. You will notice a dramatic change in your site traffic right after your event. However, to give you a better idea, assure them with fabulous prizes. Moreover, you can even play these people around your site by putting up another activity, which can catch your visitor’s attention. Just always remember to put up some interesting activities.

4. Giving away free treats through the use of fortune cookie.

Basically, everyone loves to receive free treats. This will not just drive their attention to your website, but you are also giving them some fun and excitement. Take some consideration on basic necessities such as free spa, gift checks, free dine out, and other usual commodities. It takes time, money, and effort for you to achieve your goals. These are the four amazing things that you can do using fortune cookie in driving traffic into your website. In case you have forgotten, you should also try picking a fortune cookie for yourself. Who knows, this might be your lucky day to start implementing these ideas for your own goal.