Trade shows can be really busy places with lots of businesses competing for the time and attention of potential customers and clients. If you have ever been to one, then you’ll know just what this is like. There’s so much to see and hear that it can almost result in “sensory overload” where everything starts to blend into one homogenous blur. At each display, there are lots of trinkets being handed out. People love to get these, but so often, they are all basically the same. In an environment like this, how can one stand out and leave a lasting positive impression? One way is to use fortune cookies as your promotional item that you give out to the people who stop by.

The best known feature of fortune cookies is that they have a slip of paper inside with a fun saying or fortune printed on it. You can use this to great advantage. Besides the fortune or saying, include you firm’s contact information as well as a link to your website. This will help to draw in traffic and increase your potential client base.

Besides this, there are other reasons that these are such a great item to give away .They are different, they’re fun and they taste good. People who take one will probably want to stop for a minute to open it and read their fortune. To you, this will serve two purposes. You can have a fun generic fortune printed on each one and while the person stops to take a minute to open it and read it, they’ll be standing at your booth. If they came with anyone, they’ll want to share their fortunes and have a laugh about them, which can really attract attention. They will be having fun, and you’ll find that more people will want to come over and find out what is making them so happy. Soon, you’ll have a crowd around your display, which will attract more and more people.

The secondary benefit of this is that in the minds of these potential customers and clients, your products and services will become associated with happiness and positive times. They will remember you and yours will likely be the first number they call or site that they visit when they are the market for what your company has to offer.

You can design the display in your trade show booth around fortune cookies. Come up with a slogan that somehow includes the word “fortune” and use the same color for the slips in the cookies that you used in your displays/logos. This is fun yet looks professional and is sure to stick in the minds of those who stop by your booth for information.

In the incredibly busy and colorful environment of a trade show, it can be really hard to stand out form everyone else. While having a creative, interesting and informative display is so important, it’s just as essential to have an item to hand out to people that will make them stand up and take notice. A fortune cookie is just such an item. Why not give them a try!