Welcome to Fortune Cookie Supply!

About us

Since 1987, our bakery has made fortune cookies for restaurants and custom fortune cookies for weddings, schools, fundraisers and trade shows. Our attention to detail and quality has kept us in business, serving many of the same customers now for over 25 years.

We began selling personalized fortune cookies in 1990, as a way of augmenting our existing restaurant fortune cookiebusiness. At the time, there was no internet…A few of you may remember this period of history. With no internet sales, most of our custom fortune cookie business was local, and consisted largely of wedding fortune cookies, fortune cookies for trade shows, and other events in the Las Vegas and Los Angeles area. When the internet came about, we were the very first ones to start selling custom fortune cookies online. Our first domain name was registered and online in 1999, and then in July 2002 we registered and began selling with the name fortunecookiesupply.com.
Most people have never had fresh fortune cookies. Usually what you get in a restaurant is 1 to 4 months old. So our customers are often surprised at how delicious and crunchy our cookies are when they first arrive. 
We still maintain a commitment to using simple, quality ingredients. And since selling personalized fortune cookies online, we’ve also learned to accommodate rush orders and to always meet customer’s deadlines. 
We can’t wait to make your custom fortune cookie order a success, and we know you’ll taste the difference!